Supreme Court Opens Door to Legal Sports Betting

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal law Monday that has barred California and 46 other states from legalizing and taxing the $400 billion a year in “black market” sports betting.

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British Horse Racing is ‘Too White’, Industry Told

Horse racing in Britain needs to become more “diverse” the sport was told at an industry awards night at which 90 per cent of nominees were white. Speaking at the Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Awards in London on Monday,


On Gambling, Trump Administration Finally Agrees With the NFL

Even as the White House is still slamming the National Football League for its stance on players protesting during the playing of the national anthem, there has been a meeting of minds between the league and the administration on at least one issue.

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Chris Christie Blasts ‘Hypocrisy’ of NHL, NFL Over Gambling

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) called out the “hypocrisy” of professional sports leagues like the NFL and NHL for blocking sports gambling while allowing the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas and the NHL an expansion team in the Vegas


Church: ‘Shadow of War’ Is the Latest Example of an Industry Seeking to Profit from Young Gamblers

I came away from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo excited about a precious few upcoming titles. Foremost among them was Middle-earth: Shadow of War. I described the elegance with which the developers introduced complexity to 2014’s Shadow of Mordor’s alchemy of procedural generation and visceral combat. I said that I would be “shocked if it doesn’t immediately become one of the year’s highlights” upon its release, and I meant it.


Las Vegas Taxpayers May Find a Sure Bet in NFL’s Raiders

The Las Vegas taxpayer subsidy to build a stadium for the National Football League Raiders works out to $354 per resident. The cost will be paid, according to projections, by increased tourist traffic that will drastically increase hotel occupancy and

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Congress to Consider Lifting Ban on Sports Betting

With the growing popularity of fantasy sports betting websites and the corresponding questions over their legality, a congressional committee looks to reconsider the wide bans on sports betting currently causing such confusion.

FanDuel and DraftKings said they reached an agreement with the National Collegiate Athletic Association to end fantasy sports contests at the conclusion of this weekend's basketball tournament

Leagues Getting in Bed with Sports Betting Industry

Despite spending a century crusading against gambling in sports, many of the nation’s major professional leagues are now cutting deals with the sports betting industry, a new report says.

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Pete Rose: ‘I Should Actually Be the Commissioner of Baseball’

All-time hits leader Pete Rose held a press conference at his Las Vegas, NV restaurant to respond to Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred denying his reinstatement to the league. In front of a large crowd, “Charlie Hustle” said he was


Pete Rose Denied Reinstatement by MLB

Charlie Hustle’s hustling worked wonders on the baseball field, but his hustling off the field wound up terminating his desperate quest for reinstatement by MLB, as Commissioner Rob Manfred denied Pete Rose’s petition for reinstatement on Monday.

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Meyer Lansky’s Heirs Seeking Compensation For Havana Hotel Casino

The descendants of Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky are seeking compensation for a hotel casino in Cuba he built in the 1950s. Talks between the United States and Cuba regarding claims by Americans to property nationalized after the Cuban revolution opened


DraftKings Internal Investigation Claims Employee Did Not Use ‘Insider Information’

With accusations of “insider trading” still hanging over the fantasy sports betting industry, one of the two websites at the center of the scandal, DraftKings, has released the results of an internal investigation. The website now claims that one of the employees accused of insider trading did not use internal data to win over $350,000 on rival site, FanDuel.

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Nevada Shuts Down Fantasy Sports Sites after Calling Them ‘Gambling’

Fantasy sports sites, on the heels of a betting scandal prompted by what detractors called “insider trading,” received a shutdown notice from the state of Nevada as regulators and lawmakers turn their attention to making new rules to cover the popular online venues.

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Watch: Conan O’Brien Spoofs Daily Fantasy Sports Ads with ‘SpendKings’

Just days after daily fantasy sports sites FanDuel and DraftKings were charged of insider trading, TBS’s Conan O’Brien spoofed the two sites’ commercials on his nightly show “Conan.” The commercials, which are seen often on sports stations and during sporting events, portray testimonies from