Geraldo, Bolling Get Into Heated Battle: ‘I Would Knock You Out’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” things got emotional over Donald Trump between show panelists Geraldo Rivera, Eric Bolling and Jesse Watters. [Relevant material at the 11:46 time mark] Watters referred to President Barack Obama as a “skinny committee organizer,” which


Watch: Coulter, Geraldo Debate Immigration, Latinos in America

On Tuesday’s “The Kelly File,” Fox News regular Geraldo Rivera took on “Adios, America”author Ann Coulter for some of her writings and statements on immigration. Partial transcript as follows: KELLY: OK. Go ahead. GERALDO RIVERA, GERALDO RIVERA REPORTS HOST: If you want


Geraldo Rivera: Guns For Me, But Not For Thee

On Friday, Breitbart News reported that Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera said “far too many” Americans own guns legally. Months early, on August 28, he said the 2nd Amendment was “blind and stupid.”

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