Grand Jury

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland Special Prosecutors and Grand Jury Racially Diverse

HOUSTON, Texas — The grand jurors who are hearing the evidence in the Sandra Bland cases, and the special prosecutors who were appointed to serve in the case, are racially diverse and include two black special prosecutors, and three blacks and one Hispanic on the grand jury.


Texas Grand Jury Takes Just 9 Hours to Indict 106 Twin Peaks Bikers

A McLennan County, Texas, grand jury took just nine hours to indict all 106 Twin Peaks biker cases presented to them during a nine hour session with prosecutors. The 106 bikers have been indicted for the crime of engaging in organized criminal activity.

Detective Jame Head - WFAA Screenshot

Texas Judge Makes Waco Police Detective Grand Jury Foreman

A McLennan County judge named a Waco police detective to serve as foreman over a newly-selected grand jury in Waco. The detective and this grand jury could end up presiding over the Twin Peaks biker cases.


Three Alleged Members of Violent El Salvadoran Gang Indicted for Maryland Murder Plots

MS-13 is an international criminal gang composed primarily of immigrants or descendants from El Salvador, and is active in multiple areas throughout the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Canada. Breitbart News contacted the U.S. Attorney’s Office to inquire about the immigration status of the defendants but had not received a response at the time of publication.


Gohmert: Grand Juries Do Have Pro-Cop Bias

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), a former attorney and judge declared that grand jurors “usually have a bias” in favor of the police while guest-hosting on Tuesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.” While Gohmert blasted “anarchists” “opportunists” “power-mongers” for whipping up anti-police rhetoric,

Houston Police Car HPD

Houston Police Remain on High Alert Through Holidays

HOUSTON, Texas – Houston Police Officers remain on high alert in the wake of a Harris County Grand Jury’s decision to no-bill a Houston Police Officer in the shooting of an unarmed black male, Jordan Baker. The Houston Police Department issued a warning to its officers earlier this week after two New York City policemen were shot and killed.