Venezuela Invades Guyana to Block Exxon Mobil Oil Exploration

The Venezuelan Navy illegally entered the waters of Guyana this weekend and forced a ship contracted by Exxon Mobil to conduct oil research in the area to vacate, claiming that Guyana’s permission to explore its sovereign territory was not enough for the ship to be legally present in the water.

Venezuela lifts opposition lawmakers' immunity for drone 'attack' trial

World View: Turkey Returns to War with the Kurdish PKK

Contents: Big losses expected Monday when Greece’s stock market reopens; Puerto Rico to default on Tuesday; Venezuela’s collapsing economy receives $5 billion from China; Venezuela in border dispute with Guyana; Turkey returns to war with the Kurdish PKK

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Venezuelan Socialists Demand Two-Thirds of the Territory of Guyana

The government of Venezuela, intent on finding a solution to its economic woes that do not involve changing its socialist economic system, has taken up a campaign to annex two-thirds of neighboring Guyana, a jungle territory known as the Essequibo. Guyana is soundly rejecting that Venezuela has any claims to its territory.

Venezuela President Maduro