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In Historic Summit, Latin American Health Ministers OK Zika Alerts for Airports, Borders

At a historic summit in Uruguay, the health ministers of fourteen Latin American nations, alongside representatives from the regional wing of the World Health Organization, agreed on a number of measures to contain the Zika virus pandemic consuming the continent, including a “fast access” Zika information network at airports and border crossings.

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World View: Turkey Returns to War with the Kurdish PKK

Contents: Big losses expected Monday when Greece’s stock market reopens; Puerto Rico to default on Tuesday; Venezuela’s collapsing economy receives $5 billion from China; Venezuela in border dispute with Guyana; Turkey returns to war with the Kurdish PKK

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Venezuelan Socialists Demand Two-Thirds of the Territory of Guyana

The government of Venezuela, intent on finding a solution to its economic woes that do not involve changing its socialist economic system, has taken up a campaign to annex two-thirds of neighboring Guyana, a jungle territory known as the Essequibo. Guyana is soundly rejecting that Venezuela has any claims to its territory.