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Breitbart Readers Trash Houston Chronicle as Leftist Coupon Delivery System

HOUSTON, Texas — Breitbart Texas readers trashed the Houston Chronicle following their attack on a Breitbart article which accurately described an Islamic Tribunal in Irving, Texas, earlier this year. The readers described the diminishing news outlet as system to deliver coupons and not news.


The Tempest Around George P. Bush: What’s the Real Story?

A tempest has been around Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush for being away during his father’s presidential campaign, for his firings of top agency leaders, and the purported hiring of “friends’ and “cronies” and those close to the Bush family. What is the real story?


Workers Report Big Problems With Blue Bell Ice Cream Production

Millions of Texans who have missed the “National Ice Cream of Texas” were standing in line at the store when it was returned to the freezer in the last couple of weeks. While Texas-based Blue Bell Ice Cream returns to grocery stores across their 27 state distribution area over the next few months, the Houston Chronicle’s Mark Collette has been finding out why they company shut down and recalled their entire product line this spring.

Blue Bell Headquarters Brenham

Paper: Police Shootings Of Unarmed People Highlight Need For Gun Ban

On September 8 a Houston Chronicle editorial referenced the heinous shooting death of Deputy Darren Goforth then quickly shifted to police shootings of unarmed people and the “mentally disturbed” in a circuitous argument for implementing an Australian-style gun ban in the United States.

REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

Veterans March in Silkies for Comradery and Suicide Awareness

Over 260 veterans marched in their underwear “silkies” through Houston in the summer heat. The veterans marched for comradery and to raise awareness to the high rate of suicide and PTSD among service veterans and active duty military.

Veteran Underwear Walk

Twin Peaks Biker Files Objection: Waco PD Grand Jury Foreman has Conflict of Interest

One of the bikers arrested as a result of the Twin Peaks restaurant shootout has filed an objection arguing that it would be a conflict of interest to allow a Waco Police Department detective to preside as grand jury foreman over his criminal case. The objection includes a copy of the Gary Larson cartoon shown above.

Clendennen Cartoon in Objection to Grand Jury

Waco Twin Peaks Judge Reverses Decision to Extend ‘Pick-A-Pal’ Grand Jury

One of the state district judges presiding over the Waco Twin Peaks bikers cases has reversed his decision to extend the term of a grand jury selected under the old method of selecting grand juries. The judge will now comply with a McLennan County, Texas, order that ends on July 8th, the much criticized practice of selecting “pick-a-pal” grand juries. This grand jury will likely decide the fate of some, if not all, of the 177 bikers arrested on May 17th after the Twin Peaks shootout.

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Pastors Descend on Texas Capitol to Support Bill Protecting Them from Performing Gay Marriages

Pastors from all over Texas are descending upon the Texas Capitol today to support a Texas House Bill that protects the rights of certain religious organizations and individuals when refusing to perform or to recognize a gay marriage. The Texas Pastor Council has issued a Call to Action for “Pastors At The Capitol” for Wednesday, April 22nd. They will be attending the House State Affairs Committee hearing on H.B. 3567 to “begin challenging the false narrative of the Texas Association of Business that Texas can’t be both business friendly and protect the religious freedom of the people.” The Texas Pastor Council is a part of the United States Pastor Council (USPC).

State Rep and Mrs Scott Sanford

Report: Border Surge a Success; Permanent Troopers Now Needed

A leaked report from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) states that border surge was largely a success. The report cites numbers indicating a reduction in illegal immigrant border crossings and cartel activity. The report lays the foundation for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to increase the number of permanent DPS troopers along the Texas-Mexico border.

Texas River Boat - Mission Texas

Houston Chronicle’s Dylan Baddour: #JeSuisCoulibaly

#JeSuisCharlie? Really? Here is a glaring example of how divorced from reality and aligned with the foes of free speech the mainstream media is today: in a story about the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest that my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), is hosting in May in Garland, Texas, the Houston Chronicle’s Dylan Baddour takes a firm stand in support of the slaughter in the cause of Sharia restrictions on free speech.

Amedy Coulibaly