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Poll: Public Blames Business for Illegal Migration

Most Iowa voters say unscrupulous employers deserve most of the blame for illegal migration because they offer jobs to illegals, according to a poll of 801 adults in Iowa.

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German, Danish Police Raids on Illegal Migrant Sham Marriages 

BERLIN (AP) — More than 150 German and Danish police officers searched a dozen apartments and offices Wednesday in a joint cross-border raid on an illegal human trafficking network that focused on arranging hundreds of sham marriages.


Hungary Takes NY Times to School on Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Hungary’s government spokesman has laid into the New York Times for a sanctimonious op-ed rife with errors and misconceptions regarding Europe’s migrant crisis and Hungary’s role in protecting Europe’s borders.

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Israel Reinforces Border Fence with Egypt

The Israeli government has announced that it finished upgrades to the electronic security fence between Israel and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.


Turkey Rejects Amnesty Claims Over ‘Forcibly Returning’ Syrians

Ankara (AFP) – Turkey on Saturday vehemently rejected accusations by Amnesty International that it was forcibly returning Syrian refugees to the conflict-torn country, as Ankara prepares to take back, under an EU deal, Syrians who travelled illegally to Greece. “The