'In God We Trust'

Texas Cops near Border Rallying Around ‘In God We Trust’

The motto of “In God We Trust” continues to spread among Texas law enforcement agencies in this border area. Two of the most active agencies in the area have now placed the decals on their patrol vehicles in what they are calling a rallying point for all law enforcement.

In God We Trust

War on Christmas Hits Small Texas Town

The War on Christmas has hit a small East Texas town. Residents of Orange, Texas, are furious that a nativity scene has been taken down after 30 years. The city manager decided to remove it from city property after atheists demanded a display of their own.

Christmas Tree Vandalized (@TheReallyRick / Twitter)

California City Adopts ‘In God We Trust’

On Tuesday night, the Anderson City Council voted unanimously to hang a sign reading “In God We Trust” in the city council chambers. The council stated that the display will be prominently featured and will remain permanent, according to Action News Now.

In God We Trust (Brendan Hoffman / Getty)