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Iraqi PM Slams Hezbollah Deal for Safe Passage to Islamic State Terrorists

TEL AVIV — The leader of the Iran-backed Hezbollah released a statement Wednesday explaining the ceasefire agreement between his organization and the Islamic State, which gave hundreds of IS fighters safe passage to the region of al-Bukamal on the border of Syrian and Iraq with support from the Syrian regime.


Russian Warplanes Take Off From Iran to Target Islamic State in Syria

Russian warplanes took off on Tuesday from a base in Iran to target Islamic State fighters and other militants in Syria, Russia’s Defense Ministry said, widening Moscow’s bombing campaign in Syria in a major development in the country’s civil war.


PICTURES: Palestinian Islamic State Fighter Killed in Libya

TEL AVIV – A Palestinian jihadi militant has been killed while fighting for the Islamic State in Libya, the organization said. Mufleh Abu Azra, a senior member of the Palestinian jihadi group calling itself Jund Ansar Allah, or “Soldiers of the Followers of Allah” in the Gaza Strip, was allegedly killed in Tripoli.

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