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World View: Veterans’ Medical Services Continue to Worsen Since 2014 Scandal

Contents: Doctors prepare to strike UK’s National Health Service; Veterans’ medical services continue to worsen since 2014 scandal; Obamacare prices skyrocketing in 2016, as I predicted in 2009; Kentucky’s new governor Matt Bevin promises to end Obamacare abuses; Four more Obamacare co-ops collapse in the last week; Obamacare ‘risk corridors’ are also collapsing financially

Chicago Area Hines Veterans Hospital Sited In Mass VA Scandal

Emails Confirm Gruber and Orszag Schemed to Sell Obamacare With Economic Modeling Propaganda

When Orszag was named head of the OMB in January 2009, several of Gruber’s Phd. students were left behind at CBO to run its scoring model. Orszag himself moved quickly to make sure that Gruber won a $400,000 no-bid economic modeling contract in March 2009 with the Department of Health and Human Services. Gruber’s job was to create a model that mimicked and predicted the results of the CBO model he himself had designed.


Jonathan Gruber in 2013: States Without Exchanges Will Cost Residents

Most observers of the legal battle over Obamacare’s subsidies are now familiar with the two clips (one video and one audio) in which economist Jonathan Gruber takes the plaintiff’s side, saying only states which set up an exchange will receive subsidies. But a third example of Gruber saying much the same thing has, so far, received very little attention.


Report: Gruber Billed Vermont for ‘Impossible’ Hours

Lawyer and Vermont Republican Party Vice Chair Brady Toensing reported that Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber billed the State of Vermont for hours that “were impossible for him to accomplish” on Monday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel. “What we


Truth, Freedom, and Democracy

If there is no way to keep government honest, then it is incumbent upon us to keep it weak. Right now, the U.S. has the worst of both worlds: Strong, yet too often dishonest, government.


Jonathan Gruber Faces Questions About ‘Phantom Billing’ and Tax Reporting

On Monday Darcie Johnston, head of Vermonters for Health Care Freedom, told Breitbart News that Gruber may have a “phantom billing” problem. It centers around whether Gruber actually paid $80,000 to assistants. In addition to the state of Vermont, the state of Minnesota, the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee have confirmed and the Inspector General’s Office of the Department of Health and Human Services is considering conducting inquiries into Gruber’s billing practices and consulting contracts.


Vermont State Auditor: Jonathan Gruber Response to Contract Investigation ‘Unsatisfactory’

The odds that Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber may face charges for padding invoices are going up. Gruber has been paid $160,000 by the state of Vermont, $80,000 of which is for 800 hours of work he claimed in an invoice was performed by unnamed research assistants. But so far Gruber has failed to provide evidence that these research assistants actually exist and did in fact perform work under the contract.


Five Reasons Why Gruber Deserved Three Pinocchios

Last Friday, Washington Post fact-checked Jonathan Gruber’s congressional testimony about Obamacare subsidies. After looking at the evidence the Post awarded his explanation two Pinocchios. That’s not a bad outcome given the facts; however, the Post missed something which really should