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JP Morgan

Tesla in Turmoil: JP Morgan Predicts 30% Stock Plunge

Following weeks of turmoil surrounding Tesla and it’s CEO Elon Musk, J.P. Morgan has predicted that Tesla’s stock price will plunge 30 percent as the investment giant believes that funding for taking the company private is not “secured” as Musk claims.

Elon Musk,CEO of Tesla

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Puts Pressure on California, Illinois, Connecticut

Puerto Rico’s world-record $116 billion bankruptcy filing represents a massive liability risk for auditors who will likely demand that highly-indebted states — such as Connecticut, Illinois and California — disclose more liabilities, write down assets, and curtail debt issues.

Puerto Rico protest (Spencer Platt / Getty)

Banking Elite Hand £1.5 Million to Referendum Remain Campaign

Major US banks have bankrolled the campaign to keep Britain within the European Union to the tune of £1.5 million, prompting critics to label the referendum a “David vs Goliath” battle. Yet the gesture may be futile – polls show that

Remain Campaign

Silicon Valley Tech Stocks: Worst Start in History

Silicon Valley tech stocks that have led world stock markets up since the March 2009 bottom of Great Financial Crisis led markets down on January 15, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average tanking 537 points before recovering to a still

Stock market crash (Richard Drew / Associated Press)