Khan’s London: Rapper Stabbed to Death

A youth slain in a stabbing in south London overnight is believed to be the second rapper killed from a “drill” music collective, as London’s bloody crime wave continues.

MASCOTTE, Fla. (FOX 35 WOFL) - Mascotte Police say a man was arrested this weekend after breaking into a family’s home and charging at a woman with a knife.

Illegal Alien Accused of Trying to Rob, Stab Woman in Home Invasion

The 32-year-old illegal alien went by the fake name Samuel Hernandez, telling police that he was seeking to rob the victim’s home to steal cash in order to repay his debts to the human smugglers who had recently trafficked him across the United States-Mexico border.


Police Injured by Knifeman Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Spain

MADRID (AP) — A man was arrested after he held a large knife against his abdomen and shouted “Allahu Akbar” — “God is Great” in Arabic — at a busy Spanish frontier with Morocco, authorities in the Spanish enclave of Melilla said Tuesday.

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O.J. Dream Team Calls Latest Knife Investigation ‘Ridiculous’

Defense attorneys for retired football star O.J. Simpson’s 1995 murder trial “dream team” are calling the discovery of new evidence “ridiculous” and “far-fetched” in the investigation into murders of Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend.

OJ Simpson

Knife Found on O.J. Simpson’s Former Estate Turned in

Twenty-two years after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman precipitated the most famous trial of the century, the LAPD is testing a knife that was found years ago but was kept by an LAPD cop in his home until this January.

Skinny Jeans (Lions Tigers Bears / Flickr / CC / Croped)

‘Skinny Jeans’ Hate Crime Suspect Surrenders to Police

Timothy Brownell, 25, who is accused of accosting three Sacramento-area musicians wearing skinny jeans and stabbing them with his knife while screaming homophobic slurs on Sunday, turned himself in to police Tuesday night.