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Dick Durbin Admits ‘Dangerous Politically’ to Oppose Trump’s Immigration Reforms

Several Democratic Senators reduced their reelection chances by voting against President Donald Trump’s immigration reforms, the second-ranking Senate Democratic leader told National Public Radio. The admission by Sen. Dick Durbin contradicts repeated claims by Democrats and by journalists that amnesty and immigration are popular


Axios: Trump Will Veto Democrats’ Senate Amnesty Bills

The President will veto the Senate Democrats’ draft amnesty bills, a White House official told Axios.com. The site reported late on February 13: A senior administration official said Tuesday night that President Trump “will veto any bill that doesn’t advance


Democrats Oppose Sealing Border-Law Loopholes

Democrats are quietly rejecting the legal reforms needed to stop waves of migrants from walking through President Donald Trump’s proposed concrete-and-rebar wall. The fundamental disagreement over border-law loopholes is rarely cited by media, even as Democrats gradually admit they can fund construction


Swinging Senators Offer Amnesty With a ‘Trigger’

A group of swing-voting Senators has drafted an immigration proposal which recycles the failed “trigger” scheme from the disastrous Gang of Eight amnesty plan which eventually loosed Donald Trump on Washington.