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migrant workers

Sweden: 2018 Saw Largest Labour Migration in a Decade

According to figures from the SOM Institute in Gothenburg, in 2018 Sweden saw the largest number of people moving to the country to work since the rules for labour migration were relaxed in 2008. The figures come from a survey undertaken


Macron: EU Migrant Workers Rules ‘Betrayal of European Spirit’

SALZBURG (AUSTRIA) (AFP) – French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday that an EU rule allowing companies to send temporary workers from low-wage countries to other member states without paying local social charges was a “betrayal of the European spirit”.

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Fire Safety Concerns Emerge Following Dubai Skyscraper Blaze

The companies that built most of the mega-skyscrapers in Dubai have “non-fire-rated exterior panels,” which means they may not be structurally sufficient in the wake of a blaze akin to the fire that occurred at the Address Downtown Hotel on New Year’s Eve, UAE’s The National reports.

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Revealed: Irish Government Ignored Illegal Migrant Workers Since 2008

The Irish government has been aware that migrant workers have been trafficked into its fishing fleet since 2008, but plans to tackle the problem were shelved years ago, it has emerged. A recent investigation revealed widespread allegations of an endemic


REPORT: Migrant Workers Repatriated £11bn Out of the UK Last Year

Migrant workers living and working in Europe sent home $109 billion last year, with $17.1 billion (£10.9 billion) flowing out of Britain alone, a new report has found. The amount sent by migrant workers out of Britain roughly equals the total