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Sholom Rubashkin (Andrea Melendez / Associated Press)

Religious Jews Celebrate as Trump Commutes Sholom Rubashkin’s Sentence

There was dancing in the streets of Brooklyn on Wednesday as President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin, a former supplier of kosher meat who was sentenced to an unusually long prison term of 27 years in 2010 after being convicted of fraud the year before.

The Latest: Turkey's president talks Qatar in Saudi, Kuwait Photo

RABBI SHMULEY: Qatar Is Not ‘Kosher’

Rabbis cannot, dare not, kosher countries like Qatar. The Emir can only kosher himself by immediately ceasing all funding of terror against Jews.

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Jerusalem Storeowners Fight Forced Shabbat Closures

TEL AVIV – The owners of minimarkets in Jerusalem are fighting a municipal order to close on Saturday for the Jewish Sabbath, amid fears that the forced closures will mean facing bankruptcy, the Jerusalem Post reported.


Netanyahu: ‘Difficulties’ Delay Mixed-Gender Western Wall Prayers

TEL AVIV – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said there were “difficulties” implementing the historic agreement that would allow egalitarian prayers to take place at the Western Wall, fueling condemnation from leaders of the Reform and Conservative denominations of Judaism. The statement comes less

Jerusalem Pride Parade stabbing

Witnesses Testify At Jerusalem Pride Parade Killer’s Trial

Ynetnews reports:  “Shlissel ran quietly among the parade participants, worked quietly – not as you would imagine,” a witness told the prosecution in the trial of Yishai Shlissel (pictured above, centre), accused of murdering Shira Banki at the Jerusalem Pride

Sacha Baron Cohen's latest alter-ego, Nobby

Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Nobby’ To Israeli Comic: Boycotting Jews Is Fantastic

TEL AVIV – Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest alter-ego, Nobby, told Israeli comedian Guri Alfi that boycotting is “fantastic” as long as it’s against Jews. Alfi was interviewing “Nobby” at the London premiere of his new movie Grimsby. When asked if he knew any Hebrew, Nobby answered him in fluent Hebrew, “How much does three grams of cocaine cost?”

AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

Israeli Military Braces For Battle Over Beards

Israel’s long-running struggle to balance modern standards with Jewish tradition has come to a head in the military, where new orders curtailing beards among soldiers have met protests from some rabbis. Many Orthodox Jewish men go unshaven, a religious observance

transgender Israeli

Israel Court Allows Transgender Woman’s Cremation

JERUSALEM — The body of an Israeli transgender woman who committed suicide will be cremated despite her ultra-Orthodox family’s wishes, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled in documents obtained today. Before she killed herself earlier this month, May Peleg wrote in her


Rabbi Accused of Threatening Husbands Who Won’t Give Divorces

A New Jersey rabbi spent his second day on trial for allegedly charging undercover FBI agents to kidnap a man and force him to give his wife a religious divorce, called a “get.” Attorneys for Rabbi Mendel Epstein characterize him as a “defender of women’s rights.”