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New Jersey Residents to Be Hit with ‘Rain Tax’

New Jersey residents could soon see their hard-earned dollars go down the drain if Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy decides to sign recently passed legislation from New Jersey’s legislature allowing for a “rain tax.”

Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ).

Obama Complains About the ’19th Century’ — Again

Obama’s complaint about the “19th century” echoes a similar complaint made by his administration. In 2014, then-Secretary of State John Kerry complained that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behaving in a “19th century fashion” rather than obeying the niceties of 21st century diplomacy when he invaded Crimea.

Barack Obama Phil Murphy (Associated Press)

Obama: We Reject the ‘Politics of Division’ That ‘We See Now’

Thursday at a campaign event in Newark, NJ for the New Jersey’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy, former President Barack Obama said it was time for “rejecting a politics of division” because “some of the politics we see now, we thought we

Thursday at a campaign event in Newark, NJ for the New …

RABBI SHMULEY: Comparing Trump to Hitler Desecrates Holocaust

On November 20, Phil Murphy, the likely Democratic nominee to be the next governor of New Jersey, gave a shocking speech to a group of 400 progressives in which he compared Donald Trump’s rise to power to the ascension of Adolf Hitler in Germany.

Phil Murphy (Facebook)