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John Podesta: Obama ‘Prissy’ About Raising Money For Super PAC

“Get Priorities functional. Use this to scare our people into giving bigger sums,” John Podesta wrote. He also advised that it might be time to rely on Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to encourage bigger donations to the Super PAC, but added that the president was “prissy” about the ethics behind it.

President Barack Obama (R) and former President Bill Clinton (L) walk off Air Force One at

Clinton Super PAC Misquotes Trump in New Ad

The Super PAC ad, titled, “Watching,” shows Trump saying: “You have to be wealthy in order to be great. I’m sorry to say it” and then the clip shows a working-class white man looking at Trump in response. The Washington Post reports the quote is “wrenched out of context.”

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Obama Aide Cashes out in California

Bill Burton, a prominent political aide to Barack Obama, has been hired by SDKnickerbocker to head its new Los Angeles office, a plum position that signals the enduring influence–and burgeoning affluence–of Obama campaign alumni.

Burton (J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)