China Sanctions Boeing, Raytheon CEOs for Arming Taiwan

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday announced sanctions against Boeing Defense CEO Ted Colbert and Raytheon CEO Gregory Hayes for their role in U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, which supposedly “violate the One China principle” and “gravely undermine China’s sovereignty and security interests.”

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Israel PM Warns Enemies at Missile Defense Ceremony

A joint U.S.-Israeli missile interceptor meant to counter the type of medium-range missiles possessed by Iranian-backed Hezbollah militants became operational Sunday, completing Israel’s multi-layer defense system amid tensions on its frontiers with Syria and Gaza.

U.S. israeli military cooperation

China Summons U.S. Envoy over $1.8 Billion Arms Sale to Taiwan

China summoned U.S. envoy Kaye Lee in Beijing on Thursday to complain about the sale of $1.83 billion in arms to Taiwan, and threatened to impose sanctions on all companies involved, accusing the United States of breaking international law and compromising China’s sovereignty.

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