A policeman of a special unit stands next to police cars on the grounds of the Bilal mosque in the Griesheim district of Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, on February 1, 2017. German police arrested a Tunisian man suspected of recruiting for the Islamic State group and planning an attack, …

German Rock Fest Cleared to Resume After Terror-Threat Scare

BERLIN (AP) — German authorities allowed a popular rock festival to resume Saturday after a scare over people with suspected links to Islamic extremism prompted them to curtail its opening night. They said searches of the site turned up no

Border Patrol Rock Attack

Sinaloa Cartel Link to San Diego Human Smuggler

U.S. Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector has discovered that convicted human smuggler Martel Valencia-Cortez, who allegedly assaulted a Border Patrol agent last Sunday night, is allegedly connected to the notorious criminal organization known as the Sinaloa cartel.

Memorial Candle (ArcheiaMuriel / Flickr / CC)

Man Drowns Trying to Swim Across Pond with 10-lb. Rock

On Monday evening, Austin Harr, 21, of Gridley, CA, drowned on his birthday when attempting to carry a 10-pound rock while swimming across the Gridley Plunge, a pond in the Oroville Wildlife Area, according to the Los Angeles Times.