Salman Rushdie

Female Muslim Author Beaten, Sent to Mental Hospital After Praising Rushdie

Zainub Priya Dala, a South African Muslim author and psychologist, was “violently attacked for expressing admiration for Salman Rushdie” the day after praising the author. After countless phoned-in threats to recant, Dala was placed under psychiatric care in which she was “drugged until I could not walk” and advised to adopt a proper Muslim lifestyle.

South African Author ZP Dala

Rushdie: ‘The Moment You Limit Free Speech, It’s Not Free Speech’

Wednesday at the University of Vermont, “The Satanic Verses” author Salman Rushdie defended the Charlie Hebdo murdered cartoonists’ right to offend with free speech. Rushdie  said, “Charlie Hebdo attacked everything. It attacked Muslims, the Pope, Israel and rabbis, black people