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Pinkerton – The Spring of Nations: 2018 Brings Echoes of Europe’s Populist-Nationalist Rebellions of 1848

Populist-Nationalism, Right and Left

Here’s a headline that a lot of people—especially among the entrenched elite—won’t want to see: “2017 Was the Year of False Promise in the Fight Against Populism: The populist wave seems like it may have crested. The data proves otherwise.” In other words, the populists are still on the march. Uh oh.

Main Photo Credits (left to right): Giuseppe Garibaldi entering Naples in 1860 by Franz Wenzel Schwarz (Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons), Revolutionaries in Berlin waving revolutionary flags in March 1848, by Unknown (Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons), Lamartine in front of the Town Hall of Paris rejecting the red flag …