Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attend a campaign rally at The Farm.November 3, 2016 in Selma, North Carolina. With less than a week before Election Day in the United States, Trump and his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, are campaigning in key battleground states that each must …

Exclusive Video and Pictures of 17,500-Person Trump Rally in North Carolina

About 17,500 people turned out to see Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speak at “The Farm” Thursday evening. Trump was introduced by General Mike Flynn and was joined on stage by about two dozen generalS, admirals, and medal of honor recipients for a speech focused on rebuilding the military.


‘Selma’ Director Hopes to ‘Dismantle’ Public Perception of Black Lives Matter

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey and movie director Ava DuVernay shared their thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, telling the outlet that the movement is more than a “slogan and the hashtag and the protest” and that “inclusion” is a better barometer for racial progress in the entertainment industry than the often-used term “diversity.”

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‘DuVernay Test’ Proposed to Measure Diversity in Movies

New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis has coined the name of a new test that might measure the quality of diversity in a film — the DuVernay Test, a kind-of race-based variant of the Bechdel Test, which measures gender equality in film.


#OscarsSoWhite, Round 2?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) could see a resurgence of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy it endured last year if the organization does not nominate any people of color for acting honors at this year’s Academy Awards, a possibility seen as increasingly likely by many Hollywood awards insiders.


Passing for Black: Top Tips from Transracial Icon Rachel Dolezal

This week, a courageous civil rights champion by the name of Rachel Dolezal bravely revealed her true identity to the world: she is a black woman trapped in the body of a honky and has been tanning and getting weaves for the last ten years whilst president of her local NAACP chapter in order to live life as her authentic self and shake off her “crackersona.”

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Obama’s Selma Speech Edits Revealed – What Was Changed

A lot goes into a speech that we never hear. But thanks to the Washington Post, we are finally getting a look at a personal copy of President Obama’s markup notes for his speech marking the anniversary of the Selma marches.


6 Reasons Pamela Geller’s Muhammad Cartoon Contest Is No Different From Selma

When you are dealing with the mainstream media, it is always difficult to tell if you are dealing with willful ignorance or just plain old ignorance-ignorance. There are plenty of moronic savants in the national media who have cracked the “hot take” code to please their left-wing masters but have no fundamental grasp of history, or much of anything much of else.


Ferguson: A Murderous Mob Incited by Holder and Obama

Two police officers in Ferguson, MO were shot Wednesday evening at a protest against alleged racism in the department and the city itself. It was not enough that the chief of police had just resigned. It was not enough that a local judge had quit. It was not enough that the Department of Justice had exonerated former officer Darren Wilson. No–the mob, told by President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder that Ferguson was still guilty of racism, wanted “justice.”

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Eric Holder ‘Echoed’ Obama Speech in Selma

Attorney General Eric Holder’s remarks in Selma, AL, “echoed”—according to a report by The Hill—Obama’s comments on Saturday that “the march is not yet over.”


Watch: Rep. John Lewis Remembers ‘Bloody Sunday’

Representative John Lewis (D-GA) remembered the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama where police attacked Civil Rights protesters marching from Selma to Montgomery on “Bloody Sunday” 50 years ago on Saturday. Lewis thanked those in attendance at


Obama Pushes Congress to ‘Restore’ Voting Rights Act

President Obama urged Congress to “restore” the Voting Rights Act during his remarks recounting the history of the Civil Rights Era and discussing the history of the US and its present state in Selma, Alabama on Saturday marking the 50th


Obama: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Not True to Spirit of Selma

Friday on Sirius XM’s “Urban View” with Joe Madison, President Barack Obama said deporting Dreamers, illegal immigrants who came to the United States before they turned 18, would violate the “spirit,” of Selma. The president said, “The notion that some

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Sharpton’s National Action Network to Protest Oscars Sunday Night

The Los Angeles chapter of the Al Sharpton-led National Action Network is set to hold a protest Sunday night outside the 87th annual Academy Awards near Hollywood’s Dolby Theater, over what it claims is a lack of diversity in the film business.

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Report: ‘Selma’ Cast Teaming Up to Dramatize Hurricane Katrina

It’s been almost ten years since Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast of the United States and to commemorate the event, Selma director Ava DuVernay and actor David Oyelowo are reportedly teaming up to dramatize the historic storm. DuVernay, who