Sex Workers

Iran Official Calls for Sterilization of Sex Workers

Female sex workers and homeless drug addicts in Tehran should be “convinced” to undergo sterilization to prevent social problems, a deputy provincial governor in the Iranian capital said on Sunday.


Activists Worry Rio Olympics Will Boost Underage Sex Trade

With the Olympic Games bringing thousands of tourists to Rio de Janeiro, activists fear a business boom for the city’s sprawling underage prostitution trade, affecting thousands of young girls sold to foreigners.


Tory Culture Secretary Reveals Affair With Sex Worker

(AFP) – A British minister admitted on Tuesday that he had been in a relationship with a sex worker, but said that he did not know her occupation at the time. Culture Secretary John Whittingdale said that he had broken

Culture Secretary

Transgender ‘Sex Worker’ Added To Smithsonian Civil Rights Exhibit

Alongside images of iconic civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks, visitors to the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in Washington, D.C. will now be able to view a photo of a transgender “sex worker” in the gallery’s exhibit titled “Struggle for Justice.”


Hollywood Stars Recoil As Amnesty Suggests Prostitution Is A Human Right

Amnesty International has sparked a glitzy Hollywood backlash from its usual left wing fan-base by submitting a draft policy calling for prostitution to be legalised in order to promote the human rights of prostitutes. Hollywood actresses Lena Dunham, Emma Thompson, Kate

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