South By Southwest

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Band Calls Out Austin’s SXSW Festival over Immigration Rules

A New York band member called out Austin’s world-famous South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival over its contract that demands foreign musicians follow U.S. immigration law. The festival is scheduled to run from March 10-19 in Austin.


Obama Honors Texas Student’s Film Calling for World With ‘No Guns’

A Texas high school student has been invited to the White House by President Obama for his film that highlights a man who says “I want to live in a world where there are no guns” and where he does not “have to worry about getting picked on by the police.”

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SXSW Goes for Powerpuff Girls over Obamas

Despite Barack and Michelle Obama trying to politicize Austin’s South by Southwest music and entrepreneurship festival, the most catalytic presentation was the triumphant return of the Powerpuff Girls.

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Obama Touts Government Services at SxSW, Denies Disaster Aid to Texans

President Barack Obama was in Texas on Friday attending the annual SxSW event where he told millennials and others that government “does great things” because it “is delivering for everybody in this room.” His lecture was to those “who despise every level of government.” He did not tell the Texans who had their homes and businesses destroyed and damaged from severe weather and fires that he has denied them financial assistance.

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FLASHBACK: Obama Insulted Nancy Reagan on Day One

On Nov. 7, 2008, at his very first press conference after winning the election, President-elect Obama cracked a nasty joke at Nancy Reagan’s expense, referring to stories that she consulted an astrologer in the White House.


Gutcheck: In Praise of the Unheard Musician

As South by Southwest terminates in its usual glut of pudgy arm tattoos, over priced craft beer, and beta male posturing, I must wonder, how do bands get popular these days?

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SXSW Doc Trashes Steve Jobs as ‘The Man in the Machine’

The world premiere of Alex Gibney’s “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” at South-by-Southwest in Austin was expected to be a celebration of the life and times of the departed founder of Apple Inc. Instead, the movie trashes Jobs and ridicules the global outpouring of emotion that greeted the Apple leader’s 2011 death. Gibney slimes Jobs as less than rock star or a writer of fiction, “but merely a man who sold us things.”

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Ashton Kutcher Rolls $100 Million VC Investment into Sound Ventures

Ashton Kutcher took on the character of Steve Jobs for a Hollywood movie, but he also channeled Steve Jobs’s life and has made about $100 million in early-stage technology investments through his venture capital fund, called A-Grade Investments.