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State of the State Address

Texas Legislators Commit to Targeting ‘Sanctuary’ Havens

Texas legislators are sticking to their guns and are coming after cities and campuses in Texas that declare themselves havens for illegal aliens. They vow to put an end to the illegal sheltering and punish those who do it.


Texas Governor Declares Convention of States a Lege Emergency Item

“For decades, the federal government has grown out of control. It has increasingly abandoned the Constitution, stiff-armed the states and ignored its citizens,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott told legislators and those gathered for his State of the State address on Tuesday. He declared legislation supporting an Article V Convention of States to be an emergency item for the session.


Abbott: Reform CPS So ‘No More Children Die’

“Last year, more than 100 children died in our Child Protective System. You can vote to end that,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott during his State of the State Address on Tuesday.


Texas Governor’s Address Sets Four State Emergency Priorities

Governor Greg Abbott addressed members of the Texas House and Senate in his State of the State Address on Tuesday and laid out his emergency items, including banning sanctuary cities, reforming the embattled agency responsible for safeguarding children, calling for a Convention of States to address overreaches by the federal government, and ethics reform governing elected officials.


Abbott Releases Video Highlights from State of the State Tour

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has released a web video with highlights from his recent State of the State tour across Texas. The video, which is titled, “Keeping Texas The Beacon Of Opportunity,” features footage from his visits to Houston and Midland.

Greg Abbott video

Texas Leaders Respond to Abbott’s Address

Texas’ political leaders responded quickly to Governor Greg Abbott’s first State of the State Address. Abbott delivered his historic speech before a packed Texas House gallery and a joint session of the Legislature. The Governor called on the legislature to double funding for securing the border between Texas and Mexico.