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Madine: United’s Response Is as Bad as Airplane Food

It should have been clear to United Airlines just how serious their public relations situation had become when leftists rushed to decry the violence against United’s customer without even confirming that the poor man didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

Passenger United Airlines

‘Hoverboards’ Banned from U.S. Airlines

The nation’s three largest airlines have banned so-called “hoverboards” from both overhead bins and cargo holds as concerns mount over the safety of the popular toys.

Hoverboard Air Travel (John Bazemore / Associated Press)

Chinese Hackers Also Hit United Airlines, Stole Travel Information

United Airlines has announced a penetration of its computer security in May and June, with investigators saying it was most likely the same Chinese squad that carried out the “cyber Pearl Harbor” attack on the Office of Personnel Management, along with an operation against health insurance company Anthem. It appears the Chinese raiders made off with a sizable amount of flight information, including passenger lists, from United.

The Associated Press

Gay Couple Sues Airlines for Exposing Sex Toy Covered in Fecal Matter

HOUSTON, Texas – Christopher Bridgeman and his husband, Martin Borger, have sued United Airlines saying an employee intentionally maneuvered their duffle bag to expose a fecal covered sex toy. The purple sex toy was exposed as it traveled on an airport carousel in Virginia.

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Police Investigating Man Who Rushed United Airlines Cockpit Yelling ‘Jihad’

The alarming, but fortunately well-controlled, incident on United Flight 1074 remains a mystery two days later. The plane was headed from Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., to Denver when a man rushed the cockpit shortly after takeoff, screaming a number of alarming things, including the word “jihad.”