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Delingpole: Epic Renewables Fail as Solar Crashes and Wind Refuses to Blow

Don’t laugh too hard but this has been a terrible week for the renewable energy dream. Across the world solar energy share prices have crashed. This was caused by a sudden and unexpected decision by China, the world’s biggest solar manufacturer and user, to rein in subsidies.

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Solar Energy Lobby’s Texas Goals Clouded by Bankruptcies

A leading solar power lobbying organization’s promises of growth in Texas continue to sit under a cloud of economic challenges. Amid cheap natural gas prices and established wind farms in much of the solar-friendly regions, solar panel arrays are proving a tough sell.

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Rejoice! Green Tractor Production in UK Hits All-Time High

Green tractor production in Britain is at an all time high! Or so we learn from Business Green, the UK environment industry’s equivalent to Pravda, in a piece celebrating the fact that 2014 was a “record-breaking year for wind energy” with

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Report: Wind Turbines Trigger Danger Response In The Brain

If just reading the words ‘wind turbines’ makes you feel physically sick then spare a thought for the people who have had them thrust into their lives. A new report shows living near a wind turbine may harm emotional wellbeing after

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Renewable energy continues to destabilise German energy grid

Germans in Cologne had a shock last weekend as several areas experienced black outs three times in 24 hours. One outage lasted for 45 minutes. Among other places hit in the region was the popular amusement park Phantasialand. German blogger

Scotland claims leads in low-carbon agenda

Wind Farm Industry Plans New Wave of Mega-Turbines

Thousands of mega-wind turbines more than double the height of Big Ben could be set up across Britain if the wind power industry gets its way. A “cost reduction task force” has argued that constructing more mega-turbines would bring down


‘Bird Chopper’ Wind Farm Fined By Justice Department For Killing Golden Eagles

Power company PacifiCorp will cough up $2.5 million in fines after its Wyoming wind farm was found to have killed 38 golden eagles and 336 other protected birds. The Justice Department prosecuted the company’s green energy project, asserting that the company failed to build the windmills in a way that would minimize the threat to endangered birds.

File photo of a Golden Eagle in flight from Wikimedia Commons.