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Women's Health

‘Smart’ Tampon Tells Women When to Replace

A new startup claims it can help women avoid embarrassing trips to the bathroom or having to change clothes by providing a “smart” tampon that can track women’s periods and alert them when the tampon must be replaced.

MyFlow (Screenshot / YouTube)

Hillary Defends Planned Parenthood, Attacks Scott Walker and Jeb Bush

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and prominent Planned Parenthood political donation recipient) released a new campaign ad defending the abortion corporation in the wake of the explosive undercover video investigation conducted by the Center for Medical Progress. “If this


Chicago Pro-Life Rally Challenges Planned Parenthood

The movement comes after four undercover videos — two this week — showing top executives at Planned Parenthood describing gruesome abortion procedures that occur in their clinics nationwide in order to sell the organs and tissue of unborn babies.

Chicago Pro life

Iran Considers Vasectomy, Birth Control Ban; Amnesty Lashes Out

Iran’s new family planning laws enraged the international community and human rights organizations. The regime has proposed a ban on vasectomies and cutting access to contraception and abortion in an attempt to grow the population.

AP Photo/Vahid Salemi