Kid Friendly WWE Makes Pro Wrestling a Family Affair

Thanks to my children, I am a big fan of professional wrestling once again. I loved the WWF as a kid, but as I grew up, I grew out of my fondness of the squared circle. Now, I’m back…and I’m loving every minute of it.

AP Paul Abell

50 Million Reasons Why The WWF Wants Britain to Remain In The EU

The WWF – the world’s richest environmental lobby group – has announced that Britain should remain in the European Union. “The safer option for our wildlife and environment is for the UK to remain within the EU,” it says in a


WWF ‘Linked to Persecution of Native Tribes’

The World Wildlife Fund has refused to condemn the illegal eviction of thousands of tribespeople from the Kanha Tiger Reserve, telling reporters that, while they don’t support it, “there is a greater mission”. Tribes who have survived in the area