China Devalues Yuan as Stocks Crash

With China devaluing its currency, stocks crashing 3 percent and capital flight accelerating, China has cut bank its bank reserve requirements to free up $100 billion in credit.

Chinese yuan (Teh Eng Koon / AFP / Getty)

China State Media Accuse Soros of ‘Declaring War’ on Yuan

Chinese state media stepped up a salvo of biting commentaries Wednesday against George Soros and other currency traders as the yuan comes under pressure, with the billionaire investor accused of “declaring war” on the unit. At the annual World Economic


China Blames U.S. Federal Reserve for Market Crisis

You might think, as many investors do, that a loss of confidence in Beijing caused the Chinese market rout, but Beijing thinks you’ll find the real culprits along the banks of the Potomac.

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China, in Freefall, Devalues Its Currency the Yuan Again

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) weakened the yuan against the dollar for a third consecutive day on Thursday, following reports the central bank intervened to stem the currency’s sharp slide late on Wednesday.


What China’s Yuan Devaluation Means

BEIJING (AP) — China devalued its tightly controlled currency Tuesday following a slump in trade, allowing the yuan’s biggest one-day decline in a decade.