DNC Leaks Include Trump Donor Personal Information


The recent DNC email leaks from WikiLeaks show that the DNC has been collecting information on donors to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

A 38-page long excel file found in the leaks contains the names, addresses, occupations, employers and amount of money donated to the Trump campaign of over two thousand republican voters. Included in the list are prominent public figures such as Matthew Boland, an NBA referee, the CEO of Worldwide Clinical Trials, Neal Cutler and Keith Hirshland, author of Cover Me Boys I’m Going In.

A common theme amongst the donors is that the majority of them are small business owners, army veterans or police department members. If anything this document proves what Trump supporters have been saying all along – Trump can’t be bought by traditional big special interest corporations and groups, instead it’s the everyman and small business owner rooting for the Republican presidential candidate.

Detailed information regarding donors to Trumps campaign would be considered quite sensitive information, how this data was obtained by the DNC is not yet known but it’s likely that if they have such detailed information on Trump donors they may have access to even more sensitive data regarding the Republican nominees presidential campaign.

Also included in this excel file was a list of loans that the Republican campaign has received, funnily literally every single one is from Donald J. Trump himself. Expenditures are also listed within the document however Trumps campaign expenditure reports have been public for some time.

Given the multiple damning emails discovered following the DNC leak such as the Trump smear ad they had planned, their off the record meetings with Wall Street Journal editors and their active attempt to hurt Bernie Sanders campaign, this leak is not too surprising. However, it may contain the most sensitive information discovered in the leaks so far. Many are still combing through the leak archives for further emails of note.

With WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange set to release more information that he claims will ensure Hillary Clintons indictment, it seems that more damning material is yet to be released. 

Lucas Nolan is a Journalism and Media student at Dublin Business School and a regular contributor to Breitbart Tech. He can be contacted via Twitter here: @LucasNolan_


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