British Police Force Mocked over Promise to Track Down Online Trolls

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The police force of Wiltshire, England, received considerable mockery earlier today over a tweeted pledge to track down trolls who “spew abuse from behind a computer screen.”

The tweet is typical of British police forces, who have taken to embarrassing themselves on social media in recent years with their public pledges, which range from the comically trivial to the Orwellian.

In this instance, Wiltshire police received considerable mockery over their misspelling of the word “you’re.”

Others just called them out.

Other Twitter users focused on the British police’s apparent mistaken priorities, or simply mock them.

Britain leads the way in western online censorship, and now has a notorious reputation for putting citizens on trial over tweets. Prime Minister Theresa May has long been a supporter of tighter state control over the internet, and under her premiership and that of her predecessor, David Cameron, the U.K. has drifted further and further towards censorship.

May’s Conservative party manifesto did not even attempt to conceal her goals for regulating the web, boasting that her next government would make Britain “the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet.”

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