Uber Loses Appeal to Categorize Employees as ‘Self-Employed’ in UK

US ride-sharing app Uber has filed its appeal against a decision by London authorities not to renew its licence, the company said.

Uber has lost an appeal to a ruling in the UK that legally classifies the company’s drivers as “self-employed” according to a report.

According to the Telegraph, “The Employment Appeals Tribunal ruled on Friday that Uber’s drivers qualify as workers, upholding a decision against the ride-hailing app made last year.”

“It raises the prospect that Uber will have to give its drivers rights such as the minimum wage and holiday pay, a move that the company says could fundamentally damage the way it operates,” they continued.

Uber, in opposition to the ruling, has argued that Uber drivers are self-employed, with the company acting as just an intermediary.

The appeal judge for the case, Jennifer Eady, declared, “The Employment Tribunal was entitled to conclude there was a contract between Uber London Limited (ULL) and the drivers whereby the drivers personally undertook work for ULL as part of its business of providing transportation services to passengers in the London area.”

In September, Uber lost its license to operate in London, being publicly deemed as “not fit and proper” to function in the city, while in October, it was reported that the company is subject to five criminal probes from the Justice Department.

Uber previously attacked Breitbart News, demanding its advertisements be removed from the website, and declaring that the ridesharing company wants “nothing to do” with Breitbart News and its readers.

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