‘Super-Economy’ Horse Saddle Seats Can Squeeze Even More Passengers onto Airplanes

Avio Interiors new Sky Rider airplane seat

The Skyrider 2.0, a new “super-economy” airplane seat designed by Aviointeriors, allows airlines to fit more passengers onto each flight by keeping them “almost upright.”

According to a report, “the seat positions a willing passenger almost completely upright on a polyester saddle and back support,” with the row behind pushed almost directly against the row in front.

“Aviointeriors calls Skyrider 2.0 ‘the new frontier of low cost tickets and passenger experience’ and claims that the design allows a 20% increase in passengers per flight,” the report declared. “It also weighs 50% less than standard economy class seats – after all, it’s half the size – lowering the fuel cost per passenger. So it seems likely that such a design could lower the cost of travel for consumers.”

Though the seats could lower costs for flyers, one reviewer, who tested the seat, claimed it wasn’t ideal.

“The front row wasn’t bad, but at 5 foot 11 inch tall my knees were firmly planted against the seat back for the entire time in the rear row,” the reviewer expressed, adding, however, that the saddle seat “didn’t seem to be bad.”

There are currently no airlines who have announced their intentions to use the new seats.

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