Study: Google Android Phones Collect Almost 10 Times More Data than iPhones

AFP/File Jeff Pachoud
AFP/File Jeff Pachoud

Google’s Android phones collect almost ten times more data about users than the Apple iPhone, according to a report.

“Your Android smartphone is collecting a lot of data on you. Specifically, almost 10 times more than Apple’s iOS,” reported Mashable, citing a study from Vanderbilt University Professor Douglas C. Schmidt.

In Schmidt’s study, he claimed that a “major part of Google’s data collection occurs while a user is not directly engaged with any of its products,” and described the data collection as “significant, especially on Android mobile devices.”

This month, the Associated Press launched an investigation into Google and discovered the company was able to track its users’ physical movements even when they told them not to. This week, a lawsuit was filed against the Silicon Valley giant over its tracking policies.

In February, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight also revealed that Google was still tracking its users when their Android phones were in airplane mode or disconnected from the mobile network.

Google has previously faced investigation from regulators in the United Kingdom and South Korea for secretly tracking users, and in 2016, it was reported that pre-installed software on Android phones had been sending data to China.

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