Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, presents the new Huawei Mate 9 high-end-phablet in Munich, in November, 2016

Verizon Kills Plans to Sell Phones Made by China’s Huawei

Verizon has dropped plans to sell phones made by Huawei, responding to U.S. government suspicions that the Chinese manufacturer’s phones could pose security threats, according to anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg.

FILE- In this July 16, 2013, file photo, Officer Dennis Vafier, of the Alexandria Police Department, uses a laptop in his squad car to scan vehicle license plates during his patrols in Alexandria, Va. It would violate people's privacy to publicly release raw data collected by automated license plate readers …

ICE to Use License Plate Readers for Finding Illegal Immigrants

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents plan to utilize license plate readers to find illegal immigrants. Police agencies throughout the U.S. use the systems to apprehend fugitives who have escaped justice, but open borders and amnesty activists are up in arms over the increased enforcement step.

Adam Jacobs/Wikimedia Commons

WSJ: Who’s Afraid of Jordan Peterson

A Wall Street Journal op-ed published last week defends professor Jordan Peterson against a recent wave of criticisms and condemnations.

Bitcoin plunged 18 percent after South Korea said it was preparing to shut down cryptocurrency exchanges in the country

Texas Boots Cryptocurrency AriseBank for Regulatory Violations

Texas banking regulators booted a so-called cryptocurrency “bank” from operating in the Lone Star State as such, saying the entity violated regulations and mislead people to believe it performed as a traditional financial institution.