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MSNBC: Representative Weiner Says He Was Hacked and We Believe Him Without Question


MSNBC has finally broken radio silence on “Weinergate.” Their take: Protect yourself from hacking. MSNBC’s version of practicing journalism on this story involves taking Representative Weiner’s statement and accepting it without question. Truly, MSNBC is speaking truth to power. After spending 30 seconds discussing the story and only mentioning Representative Weiner’s statements, the MSNBC anchor turns to author and technology expert Daniel Sieberg for a list of self-help tips to prevent hacking.

Did it not occur to the MSNBC anchor to ask any questions involving the proper steps to take after realizing you’ve been hacked? Sieberg acknowledges that Representative Weiner is a “high profile target” but yet MSNBC seems wholly uninterested in pursuing any objective line of questioning on what is appropriate action for a “high profile” target to take after being the victim of an alleged hacking. The MSNBC anchor also seems to completely ignore Sieberg’s statement that Representative Weiner being the singular target of the alleged hacking is “unusual.”

While MSNBC’s anchors might not be interested in asking questions, Politico’s Congressional Editor Martin Kady gave an excellent analysis of the current standing of the story on Andrea Mitchell’s show. Andrea Mitchell was unable to continue interviewing Kady because the President began to make a statement concerning the appointment of the new Commerce Secretary.

Why is MSNBC uninterested in engaging in basic critical thinking when covering this story? Representative Weiner is a favorite guest on multiple MSNBC primetime shows and other MSNBC hosts work with the White House to retrieve talking points. Is it possible that MSNBC doesn’t want to challenge the rather thin statements from one of their treasured BBFs?

Representative Weiner claims that he is the victim of an alleged hacking yet MSNBC seems “loath” to ask why the U. S. Congressman isn’t acting like one. It appears that the new media is asking all the questions and MSNBC isn’t interested in any of the answers.


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