Left-Wing Media Wages War on 'War on Christmas'

One of the many wonderful services Fox News has done for America has been holding up to the light the ongoing war on Christmas being waged by the left in this country. It’s hard to imagine how bad things would’ve gotten had FNC not been reporting on the small absurdities and large prejudices over the last ten years or so. For a while there, it seemed as though a small minority of intolerant leftists were going to win this thing, as it seemed as though everyone except Walmart (God bless ’em) had gone “holiday” on us, as though “Christmas” was a bad word.

Better still, we’re hearing a lot more about people fighting back against intolerant stores and schools that take this open bigotry to absurd and unreasonable heights. And that really has been the power of FNC all along — empowering conservatives by reminding us that our values and beliefs represent majority opinion.

After all, the greatest trick the MSM devil ever played was creating a phony reality where the majority was made to feel like the minority.

More from our friends at NewsBusters:

Every year, millions of Christians that celebrate the birth of their Savior are faced with the attacks on Christmas – “holiday trees,” atheist ad campaigns and even outright blasphemy in mocking nativity scenes. To Christians and conservatives, the evidence is overwhelming. But in recent years, the left and the mainstream media have actively denied that the war even exists.

From the hard left gang of current and former MSNBC personalities to CNN hosts to Huffington Post writers, the watch words have been “fake” and “phony” and “ridiculous.” With varying degrees ire, they’ve blamed Fox News and the “Christian right” for the “manufactured outrage” at attacks on Christmas.


Not surprisingly, the media have gained their talking points from left wing blogs that suggested the “war on Christmas” has spawned from the imaginations of those on the right.

Yet after all that, Orvetti dismissed the incident as “a flash point in the ginned-up ‘War on Christmas.'” If anyone is ginning-up the war on Christmas, Orvetti himself just gave them plenty to work with.

CNN correspondent Carol Costello openly admitted that her biased ideas about the war on Christmas came from none other than The Huffington Post. On the Nov. 30, 2011 “CNN Newsroom” broadcast, Costello said:

“Fox News, as it does every year, went crazy….I know, it’s ridiculous, depending on how you look at it. As political reporter Jason Linkins writes on The Huffington Post, ‘There is no war on Christmas, never was.’ He goes on to write, ‘in fact, many Christians, myself included, register a basic level of annoyance at the way the Christmas season now stretches back into October because we don’t really need a basic reminder of how to properly celebrate the birth of Christ or his divinity on the account of the fact there is a basic concept called faith that we keep in our hearts … Is there really a war on Christmas?'”

Speaking of The Huffington Post, it recently managed to document a battle in the war on Christmas while simultaneously pooh-poohing it. Peter Orvetti detailed the latest action in “the annual fight over the Loudoun County Courthouse lawn.”

As Orvetti explained, in 2009, reacting to agitation by atheist groups, the county banned all seasonal displays from the courthouse lawn, including the nativity scene that had been there for many years. That was subsequently moderated, and 10 displays per year would be allowed, first-come, first-served, for anyone who wanted them.

“This year,” Orvetti wrote, “all the spots were nabbed by March, with most taken by atheist and humanist groups, and two by the satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Another spot featured a skeleton Santa Claus, crucified. It was “intended to comment on the commercialization of the holiday.”

You’ll want to read the whole thing.

Like any battle against the left, they will never give up, so we must be vigilant. But we can win this one.

P.S. CNN’s Carol Costello ranks right alongside the cast of “Morning Joe” as the most insufferable personality on television.


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