Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson Blasts Politically Correct 'Holiday Bunny' on 'Red Eye'

Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson Blasts Politically Correct 'Holiday Bunny' on 'Red Eye'

Breitbart News contributor Sonnie Johnson again rocked her appearance on Fox News’ Red Eye on Friday by giving her unfiltered views on everything from the Easter bunny to women like Paris Hilton who choose to pamper their dogs over having kids. 

And she had plenty of opinions on dating and sex, as well. 

In a segment about a California county that decided to rename the Easter bunny the “holiday bunny,” Johnson, who appeared on the show with Breitbart News contributor Jedediah Bila, Andy Levy, Will Rahn, and guest host Tom Shillue, reminded viewers that Easter was about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and not about a bunny. 

“They know a lot more about the Easter bunny than Jesus’ resurrection,” Johnson said of today’s youth, saying it was parents’ responsibility to teach their children what Easter is actually about. She also said Easter, to her, was “tradition,” the day on which she would go to church and then meet up with her family–including her drunk uncle–for an annual family dinner. Johnson blasted liberals for trying to take away another of the country’s traditions with their “holiday bunnies.” Bila then ripped adults who become “PC loons” and impose political correctness on children just because their pathetic egos may be bruised. 

In a segment about Iowa senate candidates who have run commercials about castration, Johnson said if she were to ever run for office, her ads would push the limit so much that the FEC would be forced to ban all political ads. Levy said if Johnson did accomplish that, it would be the greatest thing in the world, as nobody would then have to watch the mind-numbing political commercials. 

In a segment about drivers flashing their headlights to warn other drivers about police, Johnson blasted police who try to fill up their quotas by looking to give tickets for minor infractions.

The panel then switched gears and talked about when people are happiest in their lives. Johnson pointed out that most of her friends were happy to live to see their 18th birthdays, extremely happy when they turned 21, and threw “the biggest party every” when they got to 30. She also said an added bonus to getting older is a “more fruitful” and mature sex life, which has gotten a lot better for her as she has gotten older because “you figure some things out about yourself and the opposite sex” that makes it better.

She then talked about the flap over the Beyonce/Jay Z video in which Beyonce sings about how Jay Z “Monica Lewinskyed” all over her gown in the back of a limo. Johnson pointed out that “having some damn fun” and steaming things up a bit are keys to any successful marriage.

“If you want your marriage to last, have some fun in the back of the limo,” she emphatically said. 

And in a segment about women choosing dogs over kids, the panel talked up Bila’s five-year-old dog Emma. Levy and Johnson lambasted those like Paris Hilton who tote around their dogs like children. Johnson disdainfully said that she just wanted to choke Hilton to prevent more people from mimicking her. She also condemned a culture in which “feminism meets PETA.” This, she said, just tells people, “You don’t have to sacrifice your life for another person’s life,” but “here’s this dog you can fill in the blanks with.” 

The Breitbart contributor said the greatest joy in her life has been her daughter, whom she loves dearly.

Next, the panel discussed whether people simply like to date people who are like themselves. After saying that she couldn’t date herself if someone paid her, Johnson observed that people on online dating websites describe themselves with fluffy buzzwords like “funny” and “intelligent.” She asserted that if people used more accurate adjectives–such as “demanding” and “cheap”–in their profiles, the results would be quite different. 

“Say the truth about things, and we’ll see how the story lines up without the sugarcoated adjectives,” she said. 

Assessing the show as a whole, Andrea Chapman, aka @STLBlonde, who grades nearly every Red Eye episode and is a true fan and connoisseur of the show, gave it a B+

Watch a video clip of the show below: