Nolte — From Pro-Putin to Anti-Putin: Media Mold Rex Tillerson to Fit Their Russia Conspiracy Theory

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Just last year, because the conspiracy theory demanded it, the media told us that then-incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was a pro-Vladimir Putin stooge. Basically, the choice of Tillerson was Manchurian President Donald Trump’s way of thanking Putin for his help in defeating Hillary Clinton.

But now that Trump has fired the “pro-Putin” Tillerson, and because the conspiracy theory demands it, this very same media are now telling us that Manchurian President Trump fired him for being too tough on Putin.

Even as the media’s 18-month conspiracy about Trump’s colluding with Russia collapses into a pile of facts around their fat ankles, our utterly useless media (who were completely caught off guard by Tillerson’s firing — LOL), continue to push that conspiracy, even though it means completely contradicting their own reporting.

We will start with everyone’s favorite example: the fake news factory that is CNN…

Here is far-left CNN in January 2017 warning us about Tillerson’s ties to Putin:

Fast forward to Tuesday, the day of Tillerson’s firing, and here is CNN anti-Trump activist Jake Tapper suggesting Trump fired Tillerson for being anti-Putin: “The firing today came just hours after Tillerson went much farther than the White House did by joining the U.K. in pointing a finger at Russia for the brazen poison nerve agent attack against a Russian defector and his daughter on British soil.”

That same day, even though a White House personnel move of this size was obviously in the works for some time, CNN’s John Berman floated the same conspiracy theory:

You know, Admiral Kirby, to you, this comes 24 hours after the secretary of State made a statement directly in opposition to what the White House was saying. This is in response to the British — to the British prime minister condemning Russia for poisoning a spy on British grounds. The White House would not go as far as to say Russia did it. Rex Tillerson said, “We’re outraged that Russia appears to have engaged in such behavior,” and now he’s out.

And here is the last-place network’s Never Trump mouthpiece Amanda Carpenter:

Not to be outdone, Mark Murray, the left-wing senior political editor for NBC News, will give you whiplash.

Mark Murray then…

…and now:

Never Trump Twitter activist Bill “Tony” Kristol then…

…and now:

The far-left New York Times then

Russia was already a focus of concern after the Central Intelligence Agency said the Kremlin had intervened in the American presidential election to help Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Now Mr. Tillerson’s career is igniting a debate over the blending of business and politics — and whether that could tip the scales in Russia’s favor on major policy decisions like the sanctions.

…and now:

The far-left Washington Post then

Inside Rex Tillerson’s long romance with Russia

During the presidential campaign, the Trump team fought off accusations that it had direct connections with senior Russian officials and oligarchs. Now, President-elect Donald Trump has appointed as his secretary of state Rex Tillerson, a businessman who has some of the most deep and long-standing ties to the Russian political and business elite of any American.

…and now:

Did Trump fire Tillerson because he was too anti-Russia?

About 13 hours before he was fired as secretary of state, Rex Tillerson issued perhaps his toughest comments to date on Russia. He said that a nerve agent used on a former Russian spy in Britain last week “clearly came from Russia.” He also called Russia “an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens.”

Missing from all this manufactured handwringing is the inconvenient fact that Tillerson’s replacement, Mike Pompeo, is very tough on Russia and has been, even as Trump’s CIA chief.

But as you can see, in their zeal to attack Trump no matter what he does, the media and its minions have stopped caring about consistency and truth — and certainly about their own credibility.

Big hat tip to the Federalist.

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