Nolte: Fox’s Contempt for Trump Supporters Exposed in Off-Air Video

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 05: (L-R) "Varney & Co." host Sandra Smith reports on the stock mark
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Watch this video of Fox News anchor Sandra Smith as she expresses her elitist contempt after a Trump supporter dares question The Mighty Fox News Channel’s decision to declare His Fraudulency Joe Biden the winner of a hotly contested presidential election.

Watch Smith’s face especially…

So Fox invites this woman on, her name is Cleta Mitchell, she’s a lawyer out of D.C., and for very good reason — the votes are not yet counted, the election is being legally contested — she politely questions the decision of the corporate media to declare Biden a winner before a single state is certified, and here she is being mocked like some kind of stupid rube for daring to question The Mighty Fox News.

Look at Smith’s face… Listen to her, “What? What is happening? Like, Trace, we’ve called it.” The incredulity that anyone would dare question the unelected, proven liars at Fox News when they tell the public who their next president will be!

Fox  News is worse than CNNLOL.

At least CNNLOL hates us to our face.

Fox News laughs at us, mocks us, betrays us over and over and over again while posing as “fair and balanced,” while posing as “different from the mainstream media,” while posing as one of us.

Look at Fox News over the closing days of this election…

Chris “The Proven Liar” Wallace rigged the first presidential debate.

Fox deliberately called Arizona early, even though more than a week after the election that state is still too close to call.

Fox News lied about President Trump not disavowing racists.

Fox News deliberately interrupted Trump and allowed Biden to interrupt Trump during the first presidential debate and then lied about it.

Fox News released one rigged poll after another.

During the first presidential debate, Chris Wallace demanded both candidates wait for the certified winner, and now Wallace and Fox are ridiculing those waiting for a certified winner.

And now we know what Fox News thinks of Trump supporters when Fox believes no one is watching them.

Anyone who is still watching Fox News is being laughed at by Fox News, and you’re not just being laughed at by Fox News because you support Trump, you are being laughed at by Fox News because you are a sucker who still watches Fox News.

There is no doubt in my mind that Fox News just howls with laughter and ridicule at those faithful Fox News viewers who allow themselves to stabbed in the back over and over and over again.

At least CNNLOL despises you to your face.

Fox News is literally — literally! — making faces at you behind your back.

Stop being a sucker.

Stop watching Fox News.

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