Dem Rep Schiff: Republicans on Intel Committee ‘Are Acting on the President and Steve Bannon’s Injunction’

Friday, on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee “are acting on the president and Steve Bannon’s injunction.”

Schiff said the committee’s Republicans “are acting on the president and Steve Bannon’s injunction. They need to shut us down. They need shut the committee down. Now we know the Republican senators were urged by the president to shut down the Senate investigation, and Republican senators pushed back. The Republican House members on our committee, though, have not spoken out about whether the president reached out similarly to the House committee to shut it down, but they are taking steps to shut us down.”

Schiff added, “I think that the, sort of Bannon and his allies, and the White House, are making the argument we can’t shut down [Mueller] while there’s still Congressional investigations going on. You need to shut those investigations down first so that we can put pressure on Mueller. So, I think this is a concerted effort to deprive the country of getting to the bottom of what the Russians did and what help they may have had from the Trump campaign.”

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