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Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Minute: The War is Not Over

When President Obama removed the last American troops from Iraq in 2011, he declared that the war there was “over.” As predicted, this statement, like so many others from Team Obama over the past five years, amounts to national security fraud.

Yesterday, the Iraqi government announced it has closed the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. The reason? It could be overrun at any time by al Qaeda jihadists who now control much of the surrounding Anbar province.

The presence of murderous enemies of this country in parts of Iraq from which they were expelled at great expense by American forces means that, far from being “on the path to defeat,” al Qaeda – and a host of other Islamists – are on the march.

And that means the war against them is anything but “over.”
Apr 18, 2014 5:16 PM PT

'Not Going Anywhere' Say Ukraine Separatists

According to a report from the Telegraph (UK), at the occupied regional government building in Donetsk, pro-Russian separatists defy the peace deal signed in Geneva and say they won't leave... Apr 18, 2014 9:50 AM PT

Cell Phone Video Shows Fire Truck Slamming Into Crowded Restaurant

According to a report that aired on KTLA on Wednesday, two fire engines crashed into each other and then one of them barreled into a business in Monterey Park near Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon. The accident left15 people injured, including six firefighters... Apr 18, 2014 7:50 AM PT

California Drought Leads to Rising Food Prices

According to a report from San Francisco NBC affiliate KNTV, a new study claims produce prices could skyrocket because of the California drought.

"A head of lettuce could go up as much as 62 cents, an avocado may increase by 35 cents and a pound of tomatoes appears to be headed for a 45-cent hike," Marianne Favro wrote for KNTV.
Apr 18, 2014 7:32 AM PT

Group Plans Protest Over Cinco de Mayo American Flag Shirt Incident

San Francisco NBC affiliate KNTV reports a peaceful protest is planned on Cinco de Mayo holiday in front of the San Francisco Bay area's Four Live Oak High School.

The protest stems from a the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to uphold a federal judge’s ruling that school administrators had acted appropriately in asking students to turn shirts with American flags inside out in the Cinco de Mayo holiday in 2010 out fear it "would enflame the passions of students celebrating the holiday"...
Apr 18, 2014 7:21 AM PT

Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Minute: Dancing with the Devil

Transcript as follows:

Michael Rubin is a brilliant scholar who recently published a most timely book entitled, Dancing with the Devil: The Perils of Engaging Rogue Regimes. It warns that negotiations with those who are hostile to everything we hold dear is not just unproductive; it’s usually counterproductive. They generally have the effect of legitimating enemies of freedom, buying them the time and latitude to further endanger it – and us.

Dr. Rubin’s warnings come to mind as diplomats from the U.S., European Union and Ukraine sit down with Russia’s foreign minister today in Geneva. This meeting will likely begin a “process” that’s used to justify postponing Western penalties for the Kremlin’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine. And that, of course, will have the effect of encouraging more Russian aggression, not preventing it.
Apr 17, 2014 1:52 PM PT

CNN's Don Lemon Mocks the Left's Casual Charges of Racism

On Wednesday's on "The Laura Ingraham Show," CNN's Don Lemon mocked the left's casual charges of racism. Lemon joked that he had to check with Al Sharpton before appearing on Ingraham's show.

"I had to go to an Al Sharpton meeting to make sure I could talk to you," he said.

On his opinion of the leadership in the black community, Lemon said, "I do not agree with everything that comes out of Al Sharpton's mouth, and Al Sharpton is not my leader."
Apr 16, 2014 12:23 PM PT

Man Angered Over Soda Tax Pulls Out Sub Machine Gun

Chicago Tribune: A West Garfield Park man was ordered held on no bail Sunday after prosecutors say he brandished a gun at convenience store employees and customers because he was angered over the tax he had to pay for a bottle of Pepsi. 36 year-old Nahshon X. Shelton, of the 4200 block of West Caroll Avenue, is charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and other counts in connection to the Saturday afternoon incident, which took place at Madison Grocery and Beauty in the 4000 block of West Madison Street, according to Cook County court records. Apr 15, 2014 8:16 AM PT

Watch: Philadelphia Phillies Fans Go from Elation to Despair with the Swing of a Bat

The home run balls were flying out of the park for both the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves in their match-up at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on Monday night. The Phillies had battled to take the lead in the eighth inning. As caught by ESPN, some Phillies fans had began celebrating but were soon to be disappointed as Braves second baseman Dan Uggla hit a grand slam home run, which would win the game for the Braves, 9-6. Apr 14, 2014 8:21 PM PT

Harry Reid The War Between the Feds and Nevada Rancher 'Not Over'

On Monday Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) told KRNV-TV that the war between the federal government and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is “not over.”

“Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,”
Apr 14, 2014 5:56 PM PT

Justin Bieber's Surprise Appearance at Coachella

MTV News: Just a day after Jay Z joined former foe Nas onstage and Beyonce and Solange put on a super sisterly duet, everyone at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was treated to yet another A-list cameo from Justin Bieber on Sunday (April 13).

To put an exclamation point on the first weekend, Bieber joined Chance the Rapper onstage for his afternoon set to perform their collaboration "Confident."
Apr 14, 2014 2:31 PM PT


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