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A B Sanderson has ten years experience working in EU politics both in Brussels and Strasbourg and here in the UK.

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Greece May Not Pay IMF Loans In June

Heavily indebted Greece has played the latest hand in the game of euro one-upmanship by refusing to honour the latest instalment in its debt repayment plans to the IMF. The  €300m (£218m) owed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is due

100th UK Town Bans ‘Charity’ Beggars

Croydon in South London has become the latest town to sign up to a scheme banning ‘chuggers’ – charity muggers – who hassle members of the public for money. The ‘stop and sign-up’ fundraisers, who stop people in the street

SNP Call For Britain To Take More Migrants

Scottish National Party MP Angus Robertson has described the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean as “a stain on the conscience of Europe.” The party’s leader in Westminster was speaking during a debate in the House of Commons on international

Revealed: Snowden Leaks ‘Crippled’ War On Terror

Security leaks by CIA contractor Edward Snowden “crippled” Britain’s counter terrorism ability and put lives in danger, a major study has confirmed today. The theft of the 1.7 million documents from the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the US

Shock Revelation: Lib Dem Says All Politicians Lie

A former Liberal Democrat MP has defended the party’s sole representative in Scotland,  Alistair Carmichael, who has been called on to step down, by saying that all politicians lie. Sir Malcolm Bruce, former Deputy leader of the party, was defending the

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Two Party System Dealt Blow In Spanish Elections

The two party system was delivered a blow in Spain’s municipal elections as voters turned their backs on the parties who have dominated the electoral scene since democracy was reintroduced to the country in 1980. The Popular Party (PP) which

UK Commissioner Joins EU-Funded Fat Cats To Oppose Brexit

Britain’s EU Commissioner has attacked anti-EU campaigners by implying their cause would damage trade and business. Lord Jonathan Hill, who earns around EUR20,000 a month plus expenses from his taxpayer-funded job overseeing financial services, said he believed the country would

UKIP Candidate Missed Off Ballot Papers

Darlington Council is under fire for leaving off the name of the UKIP candidate on a number of the ballot papers. David Hodgson was missing from 89 ballot papers in the Harrowgate Hill ward of Darlington and was only made

French Boules Match Descends Into Violence

Seven people were arrested in south western France when a regional boules match descended into a mass brawl. The Aquitaine pétanque championships ended in chaos and the referee suffered a blow to the head after one of the players became annoyed by