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David Webb

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In this photo taken Feb. 12, 2015, sixth grade teacher Carrie Young guides her students through an exercise on their laptops as practice for the the Common Core State Standards Test in her classroom at Morgan Elementary School South in Stockport, Ohio. On Tuesday, Ohio becomes the first state to administer one of two tests in English language arts and math based on the Common Core standards developed by two separate groups of states. By the end of the year, about 12 million children in 28 states and the District of Columbia will take exams that are expected to be harder than traditional spring standardized state tests they replace. In some states, they'll require hours of additional testing time students will have to do more than just fill in the bubble. The goal is to test students on critical thinking skills, requiring them to describe their reasoning and solve problems. (AP Photo/Ty Wright)

David Webb: Education Choice Under Fire in D.C. and Ohio

While the battle rages on in the Senate over the nomination of Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary, there is opposition from two Republican senators, Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Collins has a 100 percent rating and Murkowski an 89 percent rating from the National Education Association. There is also opposition by another billionaire in the school choice movement, Eli Broad, who has given money to both Democrats and Republicans.

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Webb: What to Look for on the Stage in Cleveland

The first Fox News/Facebook Republican presidential primary debate in conjunction with the Ohio Republican Party will be the official start of a full-blown campaign season for both Republicans and Democrats.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Trumps the Media

Put aside the debate over whether businessman and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for now.


Terrorism Harms Local American Economy

Too many times the economic effects of terrorism are discussed at the macro level. It is often stated that the United States economy is so large that it can absorb the economic effects of these attacks, which are growing in number annually. This is not a false argument, but it is an incomplete one.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses supporters during a political rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on July 11, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. Trump spoke about illegal immigration and other topics in front of an estimated crowd of 4,200.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the Hispanic Vote

Primary votes will determine the future POTUS hopes of Donald Trump, but outside the base of the GOP and some independents it is questionable if he will be the nominee. I have stated many times before on my SiriusXM show that the Republican team for POTUS and V-POTUS will make the difference in this election.


SCOTUS Rulings May Save GOP Presidential Hopes

Obamacare and gay marriage are now off the political table. In the primaries, approximately 40% of the Republican base are white, evangelical Christians. In the general election, the diversity of the American electorate comes into full play.

Jessica Ellis

SCOTUS Socializes Healthcare

Let the legal and political analysis begin. There will even be conspiracies. I’ll do plenty of coverage on my SiriusXM radio show. First, my personal response. Compassion I have compassion for those like me who opposed the socialization of healthcare.

#BlackFutureMatters / #AllFuturesMatter

#BlackFutureMatters / #AllFuturesMatter

In an America where #_____ to many is more relevant than real world solutions blacks are being duped by President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, anarchists, socialists, communists, SEIU, the willfully ignorant and the angry. While blacks shout

Hillary Clinton: 'Black Lives Matter'

Hillary Clinton: 'Black Lives Matter'

NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday she’s proud to have been part of an administration that “banned illegal renditions and brutal interrogations” and said the U.S. should never be involved in torture anywhere in the world. Clinton

United States of Hollywood Diplomacy #sarcasm

United States of Hollywood Diplomacy #sarcasm

I figured it out. America is now engaged in Hollywood diplomacy. #Diplomacy was a 140 character failure so now we have a TV drama to demonstrate a successful Secretary of State aka Madame Secretary fighting against Iran and our enemies

Obama: Wartime President … of Necessity

The election rhetoric has met the reality and the ever growing threat of ISIS.  At least President Obama spoke with Speaker Boehner. Will Congress tackle this issue before or after the election? There are many Democrats who cannot afford to

Obama and Sharpton: National In-Action Network

Obama and Sharpton: National In-Action Network

Al Sharpton is always there for the rallies and marches but rarely for the solutions.  Why are some Americans shocked when President Obama’s point man on race in Ferguson, MO is Sharpton as written on Politico Revved Up: How Al

The ISIS Onslaught and a View From Inside Iraq

This perspective is personal and from inside the battle for survival during the Islamic State onslaught in Iraq. Dear Friends and Family: I have heard from a lot of people over the past week, and I thought I would offer

Oops, Obama Administration Spported Delphi Inversion

Oops, Obama Administration Spported Delphi Inversion

Apparently corporate patriotism only matters when President Obama is on the political attack. Otherwise, it’s DC insider business as usual. Reported by Bloomberg As part of the bailout of the auto industry in 2009, Obama’s Treasury Department authorized spending $1.7 billion