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Drag Queen and Transgender Activist Lead Rally Against Roy Moore

Drag Queen and Transgender Activist Lead Rally Against Roy Moore

A few dozen people took part in a rally this week on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol to speak out against Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore and other “heterosexists” who “hate homosexuals” and to support Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Speakers included a drag queen, transgender Miss Harvey McDaniel, and a woman wearing a clerical collar who was introduced as a reverend.

Lawmaker Behind Illegal Immigrant Marriage Ban Under Fire

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – A Louisiana legislator behind a policy to prevent illegal immigrants from taking advantage of marriage laws to gain legal residence is coming under fire after a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the act was filed.

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Hobby Lobby CEO Denounces Clinton’s War on Christians, Endorses Trump

Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green authored a USA Today op-ed on Thursday denouncing Hillary Clinton’s militant opposition to traditional Christian beliefs and insisting that her Supreme Court picks would rule against Christians’ rights. He also announced that he is endorsing Donald Trump to ensure a Supreme Court that will uphold Americans’ First Amendment rights under the Constitution.

Rumor of Saudi-Israel Marriage Sparks Debate on Social Media

JAFFA, Israel – The hashtag #Saudi_marries_israeli has gone viral on Saudi social media, although the credibility of the story is in question. Several Saudi news outlets reported on an unnamed Saudi marrying an unnamed Israeli, but presented no evidence that the marriage took

Advocates: Gay Open ‘Marriages’ Should Redefine Marriage Norms

Another advocate for gay marriage has come out of the legal closet, declaring in public that most gays actually want to utterly change the ideal of marriage so that 70s-style “open” relationships become the new normal, whether or not their preferences undermine the social expectations that help bind millions of married parents to their young children.