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Gulf Cartel

GRAFICO: Cartel del Golfo Tortura y Mutila a Delincuentes

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — La fallida estrategia de seguridad por parte del gobierno establece nuevos parámetros en esta ciudad fronteriza, donde el mismo crimen organizado ha tratado de disminuir el crimen común en un intento de disminuir la atención del publico. Los carteles parecen estar teniendo éxito el crimen común, algo que el Estado de Tamaulipas no ha podido hacer.

Gulf Cartel

GRAPHIC: Gulf Cartel Policing Texas Border for Common Criminals

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — The failed strategy by the Mexican government has created a new issue in this border city where organized crime has tried to diminish common crime in an effort to lower public attention. Drug cartels appear to be succeeding in lowering common crime, something that the State of Tamaulipas has failed in.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Texas Testing Board Commits Long Term to Adopting Common Core Exams

The Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessments and Accountability, a 15-member team of appointees assembled for the sole purpose of recommending changes to student testing and public school accountability, stopped just short of suggesting the state scrap its year-end State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and replace them with Common Core style exams.

Leftist On Fire

Leftist Protester Catches On Fire from Burning U.S. Flag

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — Protesters at the Democratic National Convention grew even rowdier than on previous nights and a U.S. flag was lit on fire — and a protester attempting to dance on the burning flag ended up on fire. The graphic video can be seen below. Police and protesters attempted to treat the injuries and worked together to carry off the burned protester.

John Cornyn

Texas Senator: Punish Countries for Not Returning Their Criminal Citizens

Three bipartisan U.S. senators, including Texas senator John Cornyn, have introduced the Remedies for Refusal of Repatriation Act. “Casey’s Law” is named for a young woman who was murdered by a Haitian criminal illegal alien. He was in the country because he had not been deported after he was released from prison.

Black Lives Matter Sign, Race War

Fox News Surrounded at DNC Protests: ‘No Fox News, No KKK’

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — Thousands of leftist protesters began a march from City Hall through the streets of Philadelphia and black nationalist speakers screamed about race and Hillary Clinton until they noticed a Fox News producer in the street. The producer had a mic flag that clearly identified Fox News. The protesters quickly attempted to prevent the producer from obtaining footage and doing his job.

Leftists Protest, Support BLM and Palestine

Leftists at DNC: ‘Long Live Palestine,’ Destroy Israel, Support Black Lives Matter

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — The swelling numbers of leftist protesters surrounding the Democratic National Convention (DNC) are helping to lower the various groups’ inhibitions about showing their true intentions. Signs promoting Black Lives Matter can be seen waving next to signs calling for the destruction of Israel as the protesters chant, “Long live Palestine!”

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, left, talks with San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor before a news conference to celebrate the $31.5 million the General Land Office received for the preservation and development of the Alamo, Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

New Portion of Alamo Wall Found in Archeological Dig

Photos released by the Texas General Land Office (GLO) on Monday reveal the discovery of a previously unseen, in modern times, section of the Alamo complex. The excavation team uncovered adobe bricks that appear to be of the type of material used to build the original structures of the iconic Texas landmark.