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COLD CASE: Catholic Priest Charged in 1960’s Texas Border Murder

A retired priest living in Arizona has been charged with the murder of a school teacher and former beauty queen from the border city of McAllen in 1960. The victim’s body was found near the Sacred Heart Church in that city. The priest from that church was considered a person of interest in that case for more than 50 years until now.

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Grupo De Los Zetas Pide a Autoridades Que No Se Metan En “Limpia”

Los recientes hechos de violencia que se han llevado acabo en capital del estado fronterizo de Tamaulipas se ha dado a causa de una lucha interna entre los mandos del cartel conocido como Los Zetas. Ahora uno de los grupos que esta luchando por control de la zona le pide a las autoridades que no se meta en el conflicto interno.

Oven in Mexico Used to Incinerate Bodies

Los Zetas Usaron Hornos Clandestinos Para Ocultar Exterminio Masivo en Coahuila, México

PIEDRAS Negras, Coahuila– El cártel mexicano de Los Zetas utilizó una red de instalaciones de hornos para encubrir el exterminio masivo sistemático de personas inocentes durante el período 2011-2013, cuando el cártel tenía el control gubernamental completo sobre la mayor parte del estado mexicano de Coahuila. Desde el entonces gobernador de Coahuila, a las cárceles de la ciudad, Los Zetas tenían el control completo de cada aspecto del proceso gubernamental y de la vida de los ciudadanos mexicanos, incluyendo a los medios de comunicación. Sus atrocidades en Coahuila han permanecido en gran medida sin ser reportados e indocumentados por cualquier dependencia gubernamental; local, estatal, federal, o internacional.

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Local AZ TV Reporter Finds Mexican Cartel Scouts Over 100 Miles from Border

A Phoenix TV station is reporting they have discovered mountain top observation posts about 40 miles south of the city where lookouts for the drug cartels observe law enforcement operations, so as to provide a clear path for smugglers coming north from Mexico. The location appears to be more than 100 miles north of the Arizona/Mexico border

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Funding Bad Decisions: Urban Rail And Federal Money

The federal government transfers some $628 billion every year to state and local government. All of the money, much of it borrowed from future generations, comes with strings attached as it flows into hundreds upon hundreds of programs. About 83 percent of this federal aid is spent on social programs, most of which is for federal health programs, such as Medicaid.

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Mexican Crime Reporter Abducted in Veracruz

The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned for the safety of Anabel Flores Salazar, a Mexican crime reporter who was abducted from her home in Orizaba, Veracruz state, at about 2 a.m. today by armed men who claimed to have an arrest warrant for her, according to reports. The general prosecutor for Veracruz released a statement saying it is investigating the disappearance.

Oven in Mexico Used to Incinerate Bodies

Los Zetas Cartel Used Network of Ovens to Hide Mass Extermination in Mexico’s Coahuila

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila–The Mexican Los Zetas cartel used a network of oven facilities to cover-up the systematic mass extermination of innocent people during the 2011-2013 period when the cartel had complete governmental control over most of the Mexican state of Coahuila. From the then-governor of Coahuila, down to the city jails, Los Zetas had complete control of every aspect of governmental process and of the lives of Mexican citizens–including news media. Their atrocities in Coahuila have remained largely unreported and undocumented by any governmental agencies; local, state, federal, or international.