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Op-Ed: It’s Time for School Choice in Texas

When he was inaugurated as the new Lieutenant Governor last week, Dan Patrick spoke about his three top priorities in this legislative session: reducing property and business taxes, securing the border, and enacting school choice. All of these policies have widespread support in Texas, and especially among the grassroots Republicans who gave Texas’ leaders their power in the 2014 elections. This bold agenda should provide focus and achievable goals for legislators as they begin their work during the 84th legislative session.
Closer Look School Funding

‘No Child Left Behind’ Waiver At Risk in Texas

Education Commissioner Michael Williams is bracing for the possibility that Texas may lose its No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver. State and federal education officials are not seeing eye-to-eye on educator evaluations but is that a bad or good thing?
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Texas Border Business Leaders Attack McCaul’s Border Plan

Economic and business leaders from McAllen, Texas and Reynosa, Mexico criticized the border security plan put forth by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX). In a meeting one day following McCaul’s visit to the border region, the business leaders met and said that people living along the border need to be consulted in any plan to secure the border.
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Texas Lt. Governor Moving Gun Legislation Forward

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick referred the Campus Carry Bill to the Senate State Affairs Committee on Wednesday. The move comes one day following what has been seen by some as a contradictory statement about open carry legislation. Lt. Gov.
Christopher Longoria Mugshot

Bloodied Felon Arrested With Gun and Drugs at Texas Walmart

The suspicious behavior of a man wearing bloody clothing and body armor drew the attention of Montgomery County, Texas, law enforcement officials who later arrested the man. Christopher Longoria, 27, was reportedly circling the Porter, Texas, Walmart in an SUV and was seen wearing a camouflaged jacket and body armor.

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