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mobile meth lab

Mobile Meth Lab Busted in East Texas

An East Texas man has been allegedly using his personal vehicle as a mobile meth lab before authorities caught up with him on a “routine” traffic stop. The man fled but was later arrested following an investigation.

fallen Tamaulipas cop

Mexican Cop Killed in Cartel Shootout Near Texas Border

Cartel gunmen attacked a police convoy in this border city. The attack set off a large scale gun battle that killed one state police officer and spread terror across the city. Attacks by cartel gunmen on law enforcement continue to be a regular occurrence.

murdered reporter

GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen Kill Another Reporter in Mexican Border State

Cartel gunmen have killed a Mexican journalist once again as the security conditions in that country continue to spiral out of control. In 2016, there have been six other cases of murdered journalists in Mexico. The murder took place in Ciudad Victoria, the state capital of Tamaulipas. The local reporter is the latest victim in the out of control violence brought to the region, as two rival factions of the Los Zetas cartel fight for control.

Border Patrol Agents Search

Pakistani Caught at Texas Border With Fake Documents Fights To Stay in U.S.

A Pakistani man who entered the country illegally and tried to cover up the fact that he had travel documents from various countries is fighting the federal charges filed against him by the FBI. Javaid Muhammad went before U.S. District Judge Micaela Alvarez on Tuesday morning for an arraignment hearing in connection with the federal indictment filed against him.

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Mexican Government Protests Border Agent Shooting Illegal Alien In Self-Defense

The Mexican government has issued a statement calling out the recent actions taken by a U.S. Border Patrol Agent who shot an illegal alien in self-defense during a brutal attack. Breitbart Texas broke the news on Friday morning that a Border Patrol agent from the Yuma Sector in Arizona had been forced to shoot one illegal alien after having to fight for his life while attempting to apprehend a group of three illegals immigrants.