Poll: Donald Trump up Double Digits on Joe Biden

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Song Haiyuan/MB Media, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump is up double-digits on President Joe Biden in a national matchup, a Rasmussen Reports survey, released Friday, found.

The survey shows Trump leading Biden with a ten-point advantage in a matchup that includes third-party candidates.

Trump garners 46 percent support, followed by 36 percent for Biden, nine percent for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., two percent for independent candidate Cornel West, and one percent for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

In a head-to-head matchup, Trump leads Biden by nine points — 49 percent to Biden’s 40 percent.

The survey was taken on June 20 among 1,000 likely voters and has a ± three percent margin of error.

This survey follows a May Rasmussen Reports survey, which found that most Democrats — 54 percent — would like to replace Biden with another candidate for their side.

As Breitbart News’s John Nolte detailed:

Rasmussen polled 1,113 likely voters between May 20-22 and asked a very straightforward question: “Would you approve or disapprove of Democrats finding another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the election in November?”  While only 49 percent of everyone polled said that they approved, that number bumped up to 54 percent among Democrats.

Only 43 percent of Republicans agreed.

You can see why. Democrats are looking at the polls, looking at another four years of Donald Trump proving all of their ideas are stupid, and panicking. As far as Biden, he’s proved all of their ideas are terrible, so they want to dump him so they can blame their policy failures on him instead of their bad ideas.

This survey also coincides with another Rasmussen Reports survey, which found that 57 percent of voters said that Biden’s mental decline is real.

That reality comes as the Biden White House remains rattled by videos showcasing Biden’s alleged cognitive decline, many of which have gone viral. While the Biden White House has claimed that the videos are inaccurate, the Trump campaign has contradicted the White House’s claims.

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“The truth hurts,” Trump Campaign Communications Director Steven Cheung told Breitbart News. “When the Biden campaign is confronted with that cold, hard reality, they offer ridiculous claims that anyone who clearly sees Biden acting like a brain-dead dope is part of some media-wide conspiracy,” he said.

“That’s what happens when you have junior staffers and interns running Biden’s campaign strategy for a candidate who can barely walk and talk at the same time,” he added.


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