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Trump Leads Prediction Markets Betting Odds in 6 State Primaries

In a follow-up to a story written last week, PredictIt, a real-money political prediction market or “the stock market for politics,” indicates Donald Trump is now the April primaries runaway favorite in six states and a toss-up in Wisconsin with a close 2nd place to Ted Cruz.

The Associated Press

Betting Sites Predict Donald Trump Wins GOP Nomination

Odds and moneylines now strongly indicate: a Trump GOP win, a highly improbable GOP brokered convention, and that Trump is the closest candidate to beat Hillary–who remains the general election favorite.


$612 Billion in Spending, but No Christ in Christmas Season

Most of us recall growing up surrounded by a decent amount of Christian related “Christ”mas products used for decoration, display and/or gift giving. Depictions and images of nativity scenes, baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the three Kings, shepherds and sheep,

$612 Billion in Spending, but No Christ in Christmas Season