Lt. Col. Oliver L. North

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Next week, America will observe its 56th Veterans Day. It hasn’t always been so. In 1938, Congress declared Nov. 11 — designated Armistice Day — a federal holiday to commemorate the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th

Leak City

[youtube EPjNduWGd7E nolink] Washington, DC – In most administrations, leaks of classified information precipitate presidential ire. Nearly all such unauthorized disclosures are the consequence of disgruntled government employees deciding that a “leak” is the best way to stop some activity

No Tell Intel

Georgetown, S.C. — The Washington “Compost” is mercifully less than ubiquitous down here in the Carolina low country. That’s why I was a bit surprised by the comments of a fellow customer at the Independent Seafood pier when I went